Willing Hands

Community Program

Home Repairs and Automobile Mechanical Assistance

Willing Hands is a ministry that exists to benefit the community of Goshen through various home and automobile repair and maintenance needs. Through the opportunities for volunteering, church members can use their skills to help assist those needs within the community and church who cannot otherwise afford to meet their needs on their own.

In addition to the community maintenance work, the Willing Hands ministry hopes to engage the youth of the community for mentoring, and joint ventures of ministry and mission work.

Assistance requests can be submitted for review by completing the Willing Hands Request Form (link below) or by calling our main office.

Willing Hands Request Form

Policies for Willing Hands Assistance

Partakers in this ministry will be asked to pay for materials and/or parts used or replaced in the fulfillment of the home or automobile repairs in the form of a donation to this ministry. If you are not able to pay for the parts or materials, funds can be applied from the Willing Hands Discretionary fund to help cover the costs.
Any donation can be made in the form of cash or check and made out to the church with Willing Hands in the memo line, or by giving securely here on our website and selecting "Willing Hands" from the drop down selection