I'm New

We're so excited that you are checking out The Life Center.  We love worshiping God in this community and hope that you will enjoy it, too.
Our prayer is that you will experience Him in a fresh way when you join us and that you will get connected to abundant life in Jesus.
Jesus has blessed us greatly and we consider it an honor to share that blessing with you this week. If you have any questions or if there is any way we can help you, please reach out to us. Otherwise… welcome home!

The Mission

The Life Center exists to connect people to abundant life in Jesus. That's it. That is the mission that shapes everything we do. We want you to connect to the abundant life Jesus offers.

The Vision

We believe abundant life in Jesus looks like Spirit-filled disciples of Jesus reaching up, flourishing within, and living it out. It is all about discipleship for us!


We know visiting somewhere new can be daunting, so we put together some tips for your first visit.

What time does your Sunday service start?

The Life Center Worship starts at 9:45am, but you can show up any time beforehand to grab a cookie, chat with the staff, and prepare yourself for worship.

How do I get to the Life Center?

We share an entrance with The Retreat Women's Health Center on Professional Drive. Simply turn onto Professional Drive from Plymouth Avenue, and then take the first right into our parking lot.
We have reserved parking spots for visitors and for single parents, or feel free to park wherever you would like.

How can I join a Small Group?

If you would like to get connected with a small group, email info@goshenlifecenter.org and we can get you connected.

What is your online campus like?

Our online campus is accessible wherever you have internet. Join us online on our App, Facebook, YouTube, right here on our website.
By tuning in live, you will get access to all the music, Scripture, and message each week that's happening at the Life Center. You can interact with other online churchgoers through the virtual chat, fill our our digital connection card to let us know you came and any prayer requests, and practice generosity all from the comfort of your home or device.
Not able to watch live? No problem! All of our sermons are available on YouTube to watch or download for viewing or listening at any time, with or without internet.

Can I still be connected if I'm online only?

Yes! If you would like to get connected, but are a part of our Online Campus, contact us and we will get you connected with a call group or online discipleship group. 

Connect with us.

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