We are happy to provide our church and outdoor pavilion for community use throughout the year.  To request use of any of our facilities, please submit the form below.
Please contact us directly with any Wedding inquiries.


Life Center Event Reservation Cost: $200 (non-members) or $75 (members)
Life Center Meeting Space Reservation: $20 (non-members) or Free (members)*
GPS Pavilion Cost: $50 (non-members) or $25 (members)
Please note that if Audio/Visual equipment is needed, an additional tech fee of $150 will be added.  If Live Stream capabilities are requested, an additional $50 will be charged for a total of $200.
Payments may be dropped off or mailed to our office (1212 W. Plymouth Ave. Goshen, IN 46550) or made online via a payment link provided upon reservation**.
Bookings are reserved on our calendars when completed paperwork is turned in, if the date is still available, AND the deposit is paid.

*Meeting Space Reservations are available for up to 2 hours of use.  No space set-up or food are allowed! There will be an extra $5/hour charge for every additional hour of use.
**An extra $5 processing fee will be added for online payments.

Facility Use Request Form

Facility Use Agreement

The Policies For Facility Usage form must be read and agreed to in order to use our facilities. By clicking "yes" below, you have digitally signed the Policies for Facility Usage. An actual signature may be required as well.