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 Within the office, we have so many important dates on our calendar lately that it feels a bit overwhelming. Maybe you feel the same way with everything going on at our church right now! Let me try to offer you on outline on how this will all work:

November 28th at 6 pm

We will gather for our final Vision Night together, where we will reveal the mission, vision, and discipleship pathway for The Life Center. Everything we do in ministry moving forward will run through our mission and pathway first so you will want to know what our church exists to do. (We may be revealing these items early, with extended explanations of each, right here on The Launch Pad for those of you who cannot wait.)

December 1st

On December 1st, Goshen First UMC will officially come to an end and Goshen First Church will come to life. Both campuses, Downtown and The Life Center, will be considered Goshen First Church for the month of December. We are still one church in practice through December 31st.

However, you will notice some changes by this time. Our online presence will be mostly separated by December. Each location will be operating on its own calendar of events and beginning to live into who they are. The Leadership Board will have finished their work and we will all begin living into our individual dreams and goals.

December (sometime)

We are preparing some awesome church swag items for all of you to purchase, from T-shirts to yard signs, that will hopefully get you pumped up and ready for January launch! These items will be ready for order by early December once our logo work is done so keep your eyes open for ways to advertise and love your church.

January 1st

This is the in-house launch date of The Life Center. On January 1st, we will officially be a new church. This will be the first Sunday we will worship at our new service time (no spoilers yet!) to get you used to the new time before our big launch party. We will honor our history while also celebrating the brand-new thing God is doing at The Life Center. On January 1st, we are born again together!

January 8th

PARTY TIME. This is our public launch date, complete with… well, no spoilers, remember? The staff are planning an all-out blast for Sunday, January 8th as we officially launch our church. We will be pushing this date hard within the community for the month leading up to it and placing all of our focus on this date. You got friends and family that need to be here? We will have plenty of ways to invite them to our launch party on the 8th! Prepare to have one of the most fun Sundays you’ve experienced in some time. It is a new day for The Life Center; we will rejoice and be glad in it!

Got more questions? Keep tabs here for more info as we get closer to LAUNCH!