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 Some of you who are reading this remember when The Life Center was first dreamed up and planted in the middle school. I remember one person telling me, “I think we called everyone in Elkhart county, didn’t we?” You probably remember doing flyers and door hangers and posters and all the stuff churches normally did to get the word out there.  

As we prepare to launch The Life Center as a brand-new church in 2023, you may be wondering how you can get involved in getting flyers and door hangers and posters out there into the hands of the community. We may still use some of these means, but times have changed since 1996. There is a better way to reach more people with more effectiveness than ever before and it is right at your fingertips already:  

Social media.  

Social media is the new community center. It is the place people gather more than any other place in the world. There is no place you can reach more people than by having a positive and active social media presence.  

(If you are not on social media, do not fret. Social media is just the purpose of this blog post and will not be the only place to get information or invite people to church. We will have other ways to engage too!)  

Especially as we get closer to launch and beyond, the staff at The Life Center will be working diligently to greatly improve our social media presence. The goal with our church’s social media presence will not be to turn our virtual presence into a bulletin board. The goal for our social media will be the same as the mission of our church: ……. (You thought I was about to reveal our mission statement early. Come on, I wasn’t born yesterday.) Social media is an online extension of our in-person mission. They all work together to do what God has called us to do.  

But none of our social media matters if you no one sees it.  

Now, what does that mean for you? Its simple, really:  

If you are on social media, we need you to engage as much as possible just like you would engage with a worship service on Sunday mornings. 

Social media runs on what they call “the algorithm.” This is simply the formula for how these platforms decide which posts get shown on other people’s feeds. The formula is weighted toward “quality interactions.” Let me summarize it this way: the more you interact with our posts, the more they show up in the feeds of your friends and family members.  

If you are excited about what is going on at The Life Center, the best way you can spread that excitement in 2022 and beyond is to like, comment, share, repost, and respond to as many things as possible. However, let me share some specific things you can do with our posts moving forward:  


Share our stuff! But when you share it, add some of your own excitement to it if you can. Instead of just hitting share, add something. For example, instead of just sharing the Sunday morning feed, add in “Join me at church this morning. This series has really been speaking to me!” or maybe “Anyone want to go to this with me? Gunna be fun!” when sharing an upcoming event. If you add your own thoughts to your shared post, it will make it more personal for those who see your posts and encourage them to engage with you on it. If you believe in your church, tell people.  

Direct Sharing  

This is one of the best ways to invite your friends and family to our church. If there is someone specifically you think should watch our online service, share the service livestream directly to their messages on Facebook. Same with events or even Scripture posts that will encourage them. “Hey, my church shared this encouraging word this morning and I thought it would encourage you too.” This is the social media version of inviting your co-worker to church on Sunday. The more personal the invite feels, the more likely people are to respond to it.  


Our posts will be more and more driven to engage you to comment. Some of the posts will be fun or silly things to connect you while others will be Scripture or devotions that will inspire you throughout the week. Just like having a spiritual conversation together in person, commenting is your way of being in conversation with other Christians throughout the week. The fun part is that the more you engage, the more it will encourage others to engage too, just as in a small group setting.  

Let me use this space to also plug this for our online members: if you are on Facebook for the live service on Sunday mornings, please please please comment or interact in some way! This is how we track attendance and know who is in our flock, along with the “text here” option. We have heard so many times that people watch every week but do not check in. For us to lead you well and disciple you, we must know who is here and who is not. Commenting is the easiest way you can let us know you are here and engaged. We don’t just want you to be an attender; we are called to make disciples. Disciple-making requires some relationship. Help us out: comment something, anything  

Tagging/ Hyping the Church  

Has God been doing something cool in your small group? Was your prayer time on Sunday morning especially meaningful? Share your stories on social media and tag our church! What could be a better thing to post on social media than the ways God is at work in your life!? There is enough junk on those platforms; we can use our space to share the love of God being poured out in our ministry together. You wouldn’t hesitate to tell people about those things face-to-face so don’t hesitate to share ‘em to social too!  


Another thing we hope to be better at moving forward is capturing some of the cool moments happening in our church. If you follow our social media pages already, you know that we have been getting better about taking pictures on Sundays and other events. Imagine how much we could capture, though, if everyone thought to catch a great picture when we gather and do ministry together! We would love for you to help us take pictures. Most of your phones today have great cameras. Take some pictures and send them our way or post them on your own page.  

No matter how you engage, we just want you to engage purposefully on social media. View social media as an opportunity to be a missionary to your friends and family there. You will be surprised at how easy it easy to talk about your church on social media!   If you don’t already follow us, you can find us here right now: 


Instagram: @goshenlifecenter